Company Profile

Trading hours

Every Tuesday-Saturday 10: 00-17:00

Close on Sun, Mon, Public Holiday

(Shop11 Village Lane 20 Lake St Cairns)


We will respond to all kinds of jewelry consultation such as Marriage Ring, Engagement Ring, Custom-made and Repair, Remodeling.

Company Name:  Jewellery Taka

Address:               Shop11 Village Lane 20 Lake St QLD 4870 Australia

Phone:                  0431273559


ABN:                57527484026

Established in 05/December/2013


Owner Takahiko Tatsuno

Business content

* Custom made jewellery (gold, silver, platinum)

* Jewellery remodeling

* Production and sale of original jewellery

* Wax carving

* Wholesale

* Repair

* Any other consultation regarding jewellery


Name: Takahiko Tatsuno.

I spent my school days in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.



I have been good at making things for a long time.

And I enrolled in Japan Design College.

One day my classmate ordered custom-made jewelry, picked it up and shined her eyes, and saw that she were very happy, I was shocked that making things could make people so happy. 

Then I dreamed became a jewelry craftsman, and one day I wanted to have a store.



After graduating, while making silver jewelry as a hobby, through hard work at a fashion accessory maker in Tokyo, I thought that English and PC skills would definitely be necessary in the future, so I decided to learn English first.



Coming to Cairns on a working holiday.

A place to start where I can't speak English at all and I don't know anyone.

Pleasure that all common sense is overturned. I started my stay in Australia with a lot of experience that made me feel like a few days a day.


One day, my host family suddenly tried to introduce a friend to me, and I was taken to a jewellery shop.

Then he suddenly start talking to the staff. Taka is looking for a job.

I didn't say I wanted to work at all!

However, this shop was the store I was looking for if I could have one someday.

I thought it might be good to learn a lot here, so I decided to work at this shop. 



Finished working holiday and returned to Japan.



Return to Cairns to work at the same shop again and getting a business visa, I started working in earnest. After a 10-year period of work, Jewellery Taka was established in December 2013.

I'm passionate about making things and always doing the best job.

I make high quality jewellery  and finish each item carefully.

I will continue to devote myself and evolve every day so that customers will be pleased and show the best smiles. 

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