Engagement Ring

We will create a special engagement ring just for you.

Please let me know 100% of your wishes.

Pear shaped diamond

18K yellow gold

A gorgeous engagement ring with melee diamonds surrounding a pear shaped diamonds. I made it by adding wedding rings and half eternity rings one by one.

Spinel Ring

Customers living on the Gold Coast.

I designed it using spinel found by husband who loves stones.

It was an order for a simple yet unique design.

The ring is simple when viewed from above, but it has a unique design when viewed from the side.

When layered with a wedding ring, it will have the same two-line pattern as the husband's ring.

Diamond & Ruby Ring

Ruby in under the diamond settings 

Diamond & Amethyst Ring

Amethyst in under the diamond settings 

Diamond & Sapphire Ring

Sapphire was set on the side of the diamond,

Ring with a natural tasting

They are particular about natural taste.

It is a combination ring of 18t gold and silver.

The red stone is garnet and the surrounding stones are rough diamonds.

Solitaire Diamond Ring

Yellow Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring

Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring

Diamond ~Cat~ Ring


The motif is customer's two cats.

Footprints approaching the center diamond.

Inside the ring is a picture of cats playing with a ball (Diamond)

Diamond, Opal & Ruby Ring

Opal is the birthstone of the bride.

Ruby is the birthstone of the groom.

It set ruby in the moon shape that the bride likes.

It is an image of the moon holding opal.

A unique ring has been created.

Sushi in the Engagement Ring

Secretly under the diamond setting a heart shaped hole.

Inside the ring, It is made three-dimensional nigiri sushi (eggs and shrimp)


Diamond & Sapphire Ring 2

groom who wanted to give a sapphire ring. But he also wants to give her a diamond ring.

.... As a result of consultation, He decided to give two rings that can be layered as engagement rings.

There are no rules for jewelry.

It is important that everyone can be happy.

Diamond & Pink Sapphire Ring

Pink sapphire was set on the side of the diamond, and cute balls were lined up on the slightly curved arm.

There is a heart-shaped hole on the back of the diamond setting.

Pink Diamond Ring1

Customer wanted to make the design as thin and cute as possible.

It set a pink diamond on the side and made a heart-shaped hole on the back of the diamond.

Pink Diamond Ring 2

It made the flower-shaped setting and made a heart-shaped hole side to it.

Pink diamonds are placed on the sides.

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