Pet appearance jewelry made from photos

 Always with your favorite pet

Always beside you with your loved pet as jewellery

Make your memorable pet into jewellery and beside you again.

It is also a perfect gift for your loved someone and those who have taken care of you.


Tongue out

How to make (video about 3 minutes)

Flat Coated Retriever

Customer was very pleased that the shape of the ears, the coat of hair, and the facial expressions were exactly the same and very cute. A diamond is shining on the chest.

Rabbit pendant with carrots

While driving

Chicken pendant

Memories of cat bracelets

Border collie key rings

Memories dog bracelet

Chicken pendant 2

Customers voice

Rie's dog Peko, who lives in Cairns

Here are the photos (left) and comments (bottom) sent before production.






Comments sent after production.




Pet appearance jewelry

From $1200

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