Lost Wax Hand Carving Workshop

~Self Making Silver Ring~

* Those who want to make own ring 

* Those who want to make own pair ring 

* Those who want to give a self-made ring as a gift


Work Example

$290 per person up to 3 people 

Group bookings will be discounted ($250)


Monday 10: 00 - 13:00 up to 16: 00

POUCH, Shop 11 Village Lane, 20 Lake St.


 This course is a workshop where you can make one silver ring by yourself using a technique called lost wax carving. You can take lessons directly from Taka, a professional wax carver who receives orders from a number of jewelers in all over the Australia.

Before you start making rings, We will briefly explain about jewellery, so you don't need to know anything about jewellery making. The actual work is only wax carving, you don't process silver directly.

 Course flow

  1. Please let us know your reservation by email, phone or inquiries below.
  2. Please pay the tuition fee at the store or by bank transfer when you booked.
  3.  Please choose the design from the samples when you come.(You can arrange the shape & Up to 10 mm wide)
  4. Carving wax and finish it in one lesson.
  5. Approximately 3 weeks later, you can receive the polished silver ring at the shop. please wait for the completion notification. (Please ask us for production in gold and platinum.)



  • No experience is required to take the course.
  • It will be a detailed work, so please be sure to bring glasses if you need them.
  • Please come in a dress that you don't mind getting dirty.
  • We do not allow non-students (including children) to enter the store.
  • Reservation cancellation is free up to 2 days before the course date
  • If you do not notify us of the cancellation before the event, you will be charged the full tuition fee.

Q: What is Lost Wax Carving?


One of the ways to make jewellery is to carving wax and cast it, which is called lost wax carving. Wax is a candle-like material that easily carve and melts at low temperatures.


This lost wax carving technology is indispensable for expressing wide and thick designs, three-dimensional designs, detailed designs and designs that cannot be expressed by metal smith work.

The production method is completed through casting as shown below.


  • First of all, carving wax to make a prototype.
  • Pour plaster around the wax pattern and harden it.
  • Evaporate this plaster mold wax with heat of several hundred degrees. Then, a hole of the same shape as the prototype remains in the plaster.
  • Pour any metal (gold, platinum, silver etc.) into it. This work is called casting.
  •  Break the plaster mold and take out the finished metal. The prototype of wax evaporates and disappears, so it is called lost wax.
  • Finish by polishing the surface of the cast metal.


Lost Wax Hand Carving Workshop

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