Diamond with a strong presence

It is a gold ring that uses diamonds luxuriously.

It is a design in which three rings overlap.

Large pearl and diamond earrings

First, make the outer frame of the petals, and arrange the parts made by bending a thin wire into an S shape to create a mesh part.

Attach each petal to the pearl setting, sprinkle diamonds that look like stamens, attach earring fittings, and glue the pearls to complete.

Blue Topaz Sunflower Ring

Looking at the amazing blue topaz, it looks like a sunflower! customer said. The result is such a nice ring.

Rose Gold Pinky Ring

A diamond is set in the center of a small small flower. I made a cute pinky ring. All the small dots on the petals are also hand work.

Ear hook

eh? What's going on with that?

People often ask me to wear this jewelry.


Made-to-order ear hooks

A type of jewelry that hangs from behind your ears and can be worn without pierced holes.


This time, I made 3 hangings, the center of the hanging was made of 18K gold, connected with a diamond setting, and yellow sapphire was placed at the end.

It was adjust so that the stone face faces the front when wearing.

By using chains with different thicknesses on both sides, the three swings and appearances are different, and even more movement is achieved.

It is made-to-order that enables a feeling of wearing and fine adjustments that cannot be obtained with existing ear hooks.

The shape of the ear varies from person to person. I can create something special for you by trying it on many times during production and repeating the adjustments.

Pearl Gold Earrings

Pearls are belongs to the customer.

It looks simple, but it requires some work. Please see the video below.

Mermaid pendant

The customer is a diving instructor.

She loves mermaids, but she couldn't find a pendant that fits her image, so I made one.


It's difficult to make facial expressions. .. .. It was a good work

Pair pendant

One side is customers favorite design.

The other side has the same dot design with slightly different sizes.

Emerald earrings

The earrings are simple but have a very strong presence.

The earring fittings on the back side are also handmade. It is difficult to adjust the strength of the spring, but after several adjustments, it was completed.


Rose Gold Pinky Ring

Hawaiian jewelry-style pinky ring. The color of Rose Gold is very cute.


Dragon Pendant

The green material is lost wax. It is soft and easy to carve, seems  like a candle.

Carving this to make the actual shape.

First the head, then the neck, little by little. .. ..

I was carving with some wax added, so the result was quite different from what I had originally envisioned. 

It was fun ~ ^^

Big boulder opal bangle

It's customers very large boulder opal.

She wants to make something, but she has no ideas. 

She also had jewelry that she didn't use , so all of them became a bangle.

Pearl earrings & pendants

Large golden pearl and black pearl earrings and pendants. The point is the texture of the petal edges.

7 stone opal bangle

A white gold bangle using 7 stone opals (black opal & boulder opal).

love bangle

The water surface is shaking around the turtles that they met on the water surface.

Lotus flowers and leaves are floating beside it.

Boulder opal ring

It is an opal with a very beautiful play of colour.


The colour of the opal was layered when viewed from the side, It's very beautiful , so I designed with a wide open side.

Boulder opal butterfly ring

The center is boulder opal, and the tip of the antenna is a diamond. It is a design of a moving butterfly.

A part in the middle of the wings is small dots which made one by one.


blue-ringed octopus pendant

This is an order from Jeweler on the Sunshine Coast.

The point is the movement of the arm。

Four-leaf clover key rings

Four-leaf glass clover.

She wants to make it with the same design.

It became a key rings

Black Opal bangle

The opal removed from the pendant has been remade into a bangle.

Big wave ring

A large wavy ladies ring.

I carved a heart shape on the back side

Bulky spanner bangle

Customer want it to be cooler, heavier, and closer to a real spanner.

The silver 100g bangle is impressive.

Japanese traditional design ring

Customers want a wide Ibushi silver ring.

The checkered pattern, which is a traditional Japanese pattern (Ichimatsu), has a family crest to make it a higher-grade design.


3 Stones Ring

A diamond is set in the center, and sapphire and ruby are set on the sides.

Amethyst pendant

Amethyst belongs to the customer, and she want to make it a flower pendant.

It's a gift for the customer's daughter.



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