Design consultations, various consultations,

and quotations are free of charge.

Please feel free to contact us.


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


How to order

We will guide you through the process from inquiring to handing over.

❶  Inquiries

If you are thinking of making to order or remake, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Estimate and design fee are free


If you live near Cairns, please come to the workshop

Tuesday-Saturday 10: 00-17: 00

Shop 11 village lane 20 lake st cairns QLD 4870 "POUCH"


We also accept inquiries from other states, overseas, and distant places.


Phone: 0431-273-559

Email: Click here for email form



❷  Proposal

First, we will ask you about the type of jewelry you request, the design and image, etc.

Don't worry if you don't have an image at all.

Please answer some questions and I will make a suggestion.

For example

☑ What do you want to make, such as rings, pendants, and earrings?

☑ What kind of scene is it used for everyday use, parties, etc.

☑ How big do you like?

☑ What kind of image do you like for your design, such as simple, flowing, elegant, and solid with a strong presence?

☑ What kind of stones do you like? etc 


We will answer some of these questions and work on them little by little. Customers who did not have an image at all when they first consulted will gradually develop an image as they answer.

At this stage, we may exchange many times, but you can request it free of charge.


It is also possible to bring a copy of the design that is close to the image.


Based on the customer's request, we will propose one to several rough designs and photos for free, and then gradually work out the designs from there.


For pet jewelry, please send photos of your pet from various angles.


❸  Estimate

Once the material and design are decided, we will give you a quote.



❹  Application, half price payment

If you are satisfied with the content of the proposal and the quotation,

Please apply formally. Please pay half of the estimated amount

We will start production.



❺  Production

We manufacture jewelry in our own workshop. The number of production days varies depending on the design, but we will respond flexibly to consultations on delivery dates, so please let us know your wishes.

The production period is usually about 1 to 3 weeks.


❻  Hand over and pay the balance

When it's completed, Please pay the balance. It will hand it over after that.

If you would like to send it, we will send you a photo of the finished jewelry by email. If you are satisfied, we will ship after paying the balance.


❼  Guarantee aftercare

If the stone comes off or loosens within one year after delivery, we will reset the stone for free. If you lose stones or parts, you may be charged.


The warranty does not cover lost stone , scratches, etc. caused by hitting or bending jewelry. Please be assured that the stone may fall if you hit it without noticing it. We will prepare alternatives at a lower price than usual.


If you are concerned about dirt on custom-made jewelry or remake jewelry produced by Jewellery Taka, please bring it to the workshop at any time. We will do the cleaning free of charge. We will also check the stones, so please come regularly.


Please use the new finish (From $20) once every few years. Depending on the condition such as scratches, it will return to shine like a new one.

Company Profile

Company Name:  Jewellery Taka

Address:               Shop11 Village Lane 20 Lake St QLD 4870 Australia

Phone:                  0431273559


ABN:                57527484026

Established in 05/December/2013


Owner Takahiko Tatsuno

Business content

* Made-to-order jewellery (gold, silver, platinum)

* Jewellery reforming

* Production and sale of original jewellery

* Wax carving

* Wholesale

* Repair

* Any other consultation regarding jewellery


Name: Takahiko Tatsuno.

I spent my school days in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.

I have start working a fashion accessories maker. While working I lived by myself in Tokyo for about 4 years.

Now, I'm living in Cairns with my wife and son.



I have been good at making things for a long time. And I enrolled in Japan Design College with the aim of becoming a furniture craftsman.

But I was attracted to the charm of jewelry making, not furniture. 

At that time my classmate ordered custom-made jewelry, picked it up and shined her eyes, and saw that she were very happy, I was shocked that making things could make people so happy. 

Then I dreamed became a jewelry craftsman, and one day I wanted to have a store.



After graduating, while making silver jewelry as a hobby, through hard work at a fashion accessory maker in Tokyo, I thought that English and a personal computer would definitely be necessary in the future, so I decided to learn English first.



Coming to Cairns on a working holiday.

A place to start where I can't speak English at all and I don't know anyone.

Pleasure that all common sense is overturned. I started my stay in Australia with a lot of experience that made me feel like a few days a day.


One day, my host family suddenly tried to introduce a friend to me, and I was taken to a jewellery shop.

Then he suddenly start talking to the staff. Taka is looking for a job.

I didn't say I wanted to work at all!

However, this shop was the store I was looking for if I could have one someday.

I thought it might be good to learn a lot here, so I decided to work at this shop a month later. Destiny is interesting.



Finished working holiday and returned to Japan.



Return to Cairns to work at the same shop again and getting a business visa, I started working in earnest. After a 10-year period of work, Jewellery Taka was established in December 2013.

I'm passionate about making things and always doing the best job.

I make high quality jewellery  and finish each item carefully.

I will continue to devote myself and evolve every day so that customers will be pleased and show the best smiles. 

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